Real Estate Market Today: How To Safely Buy A Home During A Pandemic

Apr 23, 2020Home Buying

Have you been dreaming of purchasing a home this summer? 

Many potential home buyers have spent the winter hoping to find the perfect place to live and raise a family as soon as home buying season came around. 

The housing market and economy seemed just right to make this big transition.

Then COVID-19 hit. 

And you may now be realizing that buying a home under California’s new guidelines could be difficult. 

How can you buy a home when you need to social distance? 

Are the bankers, appraisers, and realtors considered essential workers? 

Is it safe? 

Is it possible?

Thankfully, in the advanced world we live in, technology is readily available that can make the home buying process possible even during a pandemic. 

Bluefin Realty wants to ease your mind and assure you that your dream of purchasing a home can still be a reality!

Here are our tips for buying a home safely during a pandemic. 

Social Distancing 

As we all know, the new norm is to stay 6 feet apart from anyone who lives outside of your immediate residence. We are also encouraged to avoid venturing out whenever possible. 

These guidelines are important for slowing the spread of COVID-19. 

While you are going through the process of buying a new home, it’s imperative that you stick to the social distancing guidelines. 

But the good news is, there should only be a few situations where you even need to interact with others in person at all if your realtor is utilizing modern technology. 

And even in the moments where you must meet in person, it is still 100% possible to do so while remaining at a safe social distance. 

Virtual Meetings And House Tours

One big resource of our time is technology. As you have most likely seen, kids across the world are doing school online and a lot of people are working remotely from laptops.

Virtual meetings are a common thing now, and they can be incredibly useful to you while you are in the process of buying your home.

You can meet virtually with your banker and realtor. You can even tour houses virtually. 

Opting for a virtual house tour rather than an in-person one can help keep you, your realtor, and the seller all safe and healthy. 

But with this option, you will still get a close up view of potential homes.

Virtual meetings are safe and even more convenient than an in person tour. 

Essential Businesses 

In the state of California, bankers, realtors, appraisers, and all professionals involved in real estate are considered essential. 

Because of this, there is no law or government mandate that will prevent you from interacting with these essential workers as long as you adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

Safety Equipment 

Something to consider when you are amid your house buying, is to be sure to take proper precautions. It is possible to get your dream home while still staying safe and healthy.

Always have a mask on whenever you do have to interact with someone during the purchase of your home. 

You may consider using gloves if you have to sign documents, or bringing your own pen. 

Having a supply of disinfectant close at hand is also wise if you need to enter a bank, or office building. 

Taking these extra steps will help keep everyone involved in your home buying process healthy.

Hand Washing And Sanitizing Practices 

Many people have adopted the practice of bringing hand sanitizer wherever they go during this pandemic, and it’s an advisable step for home buyers, too. 

Hand sanitizer is a fast and easy way to kill any potential germs even when a sink and soap are not nearby.

Whenever possible, you should use warm water and soap during and after any interactions outside of your home. Be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

While it may all sound like a lot of work, remember that the majority of your interactions should be done through phone calls, virtual meetings, and emails so you may only need to interact in person with people a few times throughout the entire process.

Looking For A House For Sale In San Jose? Act Now!

Mortgage rates are incredibly low right now and the housing market is in good shape so far despite this pandemic. 

Although you may need to take extra precautions and do things a little differently, 2020 is still a great time to buy!

If you want help safely buying a home, contact Bluefin Realty today!