How do I start investing in real estate: 7 step guide

Feb 10, 2021Home Buying, Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment can be a lucrative career when you do it right. While it can be filled with challenges, much of your luck depends on your determination.

To be successful, you should educate yourself, do ample research, and invest in the relevant skills to obtain the financial rewards that you dream of. With the right start, you can overcome any obstacles and succeed. Here are seven steps to becoming a successful real estate investor. 


  • Be self-motivated
  • Create a plan
  • Research
  • Take time to network
  • Build a team
  • Choose your niche
  • Start investing

Make sure you want to embark on this journey

Real estate gains are attractive, but come with their hurdles too. Set out to flourish as an investor, not just follow the crowd. 

Create a plan ahead

Time is money, so start investing with that in mind. Outline your steps and create a timeline you can achieve. To make a good investment, read here.

Do a thorough study

Every plan needs research, and be prepared for circumstance that may arise and how to tackle them. Financial freedom is a liberating experience. There are plenty of books, forums, and websites to take advantage of.

Network, network, network

Alone you cannot explore the vast landscape. It’s best when you network effectively with professionals, experts, and other real estate investors. You can learn a lot from others experience. If you are looking for an expert, Bluefin Realty is a trusted place to start.

Build your team

Once you have adequate knowledge and financial resources, it’s time to start building a team to realize your dream. Connect with the vendors and professionals whom you will need to start your business with. Some important resources you will need include real estate agents, contractors, wholesalers, vendors, property managers, banks, and lenders.

Pick a niche to start with

Real estate is a broad area, so you have to decide your specific focus. From residential, industrial, commercial, student housing, or REO (real estate owned) properties, you can many choices. Probate is also a great way to find motivated sellers.

Start Investing

Now that you are prepared fiscally, have resources, and most important a plan – start investing. Don’t shift the date. Do away with all fear and insecurities, and buy an investment property with confidence.  

Remember: The sooner you start investing, the faster you become financially independent. Just know that you have to continue learning and networking, even when you are actively investing. It can be a long process, but it also can have many rewards.