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“I know that even simple probate sales are full of details and nuances that require a fair amount of expertise.

As a broker who specializes in probates, I am well experienced in all necessary forms and procedures needed to close a probate sale. 

I will work with you, and your attorney to make sure your sale goes smoothly and you are completely satisfied with the result.”

Marc Gallardo

Deciding to Sell

Probate sales are generally even more complicated and technical than regular real estate sales. 

When a homeowner dies with multiple properties, debts, or heirs, the home ends up being sold in probate court. 

Probate laws can vary from state to state, but in general, the court wants the home to be sold quickly and at the best possible price. 

When a house is sold in probate, there are many unique procedures and nuances that must be followed and navigated.

Sometimes a probate sale can be a great bargain – and other times they can be overpriced and take a very long time to close as the home’s remaining heirs attempt to come to a compromise.  

Because every situation is different, it’s critical to have an experienced probate realtor on your side. A deal that seems too good to be true could have a multitude of warning signs that the right guide can help you decipher and avoid. 

Quite often a probate sale is a fixer upper, but if the living family knows this, you may be able to get a rock bottom price. Many families care a lot more about having cash in hand than the inherited house, so they may make the sale quickly and cheaply. 

Because of this, a probate sale can be the perfect opportunity for investors. 

Probate proceedings can take months, or more, but having a good realtor on your side will help expedite the process and keep things running as smoothly as possible. 

Probate Laws In California

If you hope to buy a probate property in the state of California, your process may be as simple as putting in an offer and having that offer accepted. 

But in some cases, you will have to appear in probate court.  

This usually happens if another offer is on the table, and you are trying to outbid the other interested party. 

It’s important to note, that in probate sales, you must abide by the same terms and conditions that the original bidder agreed to. 


In order to outbid another party in California, you must have a properly addressed cashiers check in hand for at least 10% of the opening bid that you are prepared to present in court. 

There are plenty of nuances and terms to take into consideration when you’re trying to purchase a probate property. “No contingencies”, “seller pays fees”, and property sold “as is” are all possibilities that you may have to weigh and navigate.

Because probate sales can be higher risk in nature compared to typical real estate sales, it pays to have an experienced agent who has deep experience with probate sales. 

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