6 Perks Of Buying A House In Silicon Valley

Aug 28, 2020Home Buying

Are you looking for an innovative, modern, and beautiful area to settle down? Silicon Valley is one of the most affluent areas in the United States. 

If you are an entrepreneur, tech expert, or business person you may find Silicon Valley to be the perfect place to live, work, play, and even raise a family.

Today, Bluefin Realty wants to share with you some of the many perks of buying a house in Silicon Valley.

1. There Are Many Beautiful Homes 

Silicon Valley has a large variety of beautiful houses for sale. If you have been looking for your dream home in a prosperous area, then beginning your house search in Silicon Valley is an excellent idea for you!

Located in South San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley is one of the wealthiest regions in the world. This area is perfect for entrepreneurs and families alike to settle down in.

2. There Is An Excellent School System

The school system in Silicon Valley is impeccable, and goes unmatched by many of the school systems in the United States.  

If you have a family, or you are hoping to start a family soon, moving to Silicon Valley is an excellent idea for your children’s futures.  

When you live somewhere with such an excellent school system, you are setting your kids up to thrive and succeed.

3. There Are Great Job Opportunities 

Job opportunities are plentiful in Silicon Valley. There are many businesses and large companies that you could work for. 

Finding a great job in Silicon Valley will be especially easy if you work in the tech industry, as Silicon Valley is the technology center of the USA.

The Balance says,

“Silicon Valley is the U.S. center for innovative technology companies. It’s located south of San Francisco, California. It’s home to 2,000 tech companies, the densest concentration in the world. This proximity to suppliers, customers, and cutting-edge research gives each a competitive advantage.

Even more important, most of them are also leaders in their industries. These include software, social media, and other uses of the internet. Its companies also produce lasers, fiber optics, robotics, and medical instruments.

Silicon Valley creates a center for innovative companies to become highly profitable. That creates jobs, more tax revenue, and higher stock prices. It gives the United States a comparative advantage over other countries.”

The incredible tech industry in Silicon Valley makes it a great place to live a prosperous life!

4. There Is A Multitude Of Beaches, Mountains, Parks And Great Restaurants 

There are many lovely beaches and parks that you can enjoy with your family, and the majority of the parks and beaches are dog friendly!  

The Santa Cruz mountains are a quick drive away from Silicon Valley, so if you enjoy hiking or taking in the sites it’s the perfect place for you to find a home for sale.

Silicon Valley also has a lot of amazing restaurants, highly rated restaurants and bars. There is a wide variety of places to eat in this area, and you will never get bored with your food options!

Amenities like these add to just how amazing it is to live in Silicon Valley.

5. It Is An Incredibly Safe Area 

Living in a safe area is important especially if you have a growing family. Silicon Valley is one of the safest areas to live in the United States. 

According to Forbes,

“To say that Silicon Valley is a low crime area would be an understatement. The San Jose Chamber of Commerce quotes FBI statistics that report that “San Jose has the lowest crime rate of any major city in the U.S. (population of 500,000 or more).”  

Few cities or towns in Silicon Valley have crime rates that even approach those of San Jose. Forbes published an article in 2010 listing San Jose as fourth in its list of America’s Safest Cities.”

If you want to feel safe and secure then finding a home for sale in Silicon Valley is the perfect choice for you.

6. It’s In the Lovely And Sunny California

Who doesn’t secretly dream of living in the gorgeous Californian climate? The warm weather and sunny days are incredibly good for the overall health of you and your family. 

Move2siliconvalley.com says,

“In a nutshell, this is a “subtropical” area or a place that enjoys a mild “Mediterranean climate” that is most heavily influenced by the close proximity of the shoreline and the Pacific Ocean. Temps are mild, we get little rainfall compared to many parts of the country.”

If you want to spend your days in the sun, then buying a house in Silicon Valley is the right choice for you!

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